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    Serving land owners in:

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Jamie Ingram

Offering considerable experience, Mr. Ingram has been in the environmental consulting business for over 18 years. He has wide ranging experience in wetland delineation, permitting and design. For the last six years, Mr. Ingram has specialized in wetland mitigation banking and has consulted on mitigation banking projects in North Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky and New Jersey.  He has experience working in both tidal and freshwater environments as well as stream restoration. In addition, Mr. Ingram has worked on off site mitigation in the states listed above as well as Maryland, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Iowa.


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Jamie Holt

Recently retired after a twenty four year career in the insurance business, Jamie Holt has worked for General Reinsurance Corporation and United States Liability Insurance Group, both now members of Berkshire Hathaway. Mr. Holt served as Chief Underwriting Officer of United States Liability Insurance Company since 1994 and retired in the position of Executive Vice President. An avid outdoorsman, Mr. Holt has been interested in the environment his entire life. He is an archer and a fisherman. He has volunteered on local wetland and stream restoration projects. Mr. Holt is currently volunteering for the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife in their study of the Red Knot during its migration through the Delaware Bay.


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Mark Renna

Mr. Renna has worked in the environmental consulting sector for more than 23 years. Specializing in ecological restoration, wetland mitigation banks, permits and aquatic ecology studies; Mr. Renna is a recognized expert in the field of resource banking. Specific areas of expertise include: wetland bank establishment, and mitigation design and development for the creation, restoration and enhancement of tidal, palustrine forest, scrub-shrub and emergent wetlands. Mr. Renna has implemented restoration projects including wetland mitigation banks, stream restoration banks, endangered species habitat enhancement, coral reef creation, and tidal marsh restoration in many states including New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, New York, West Virginia, Delaware, California, and Arizona.


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