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    Serving land owners in:

  • Virginia

  • Maryland

  • Delaware

  • Pennsylvania

  • New Jersey





Stipson's Island Road

  • “The soil auger shows hydric soils right at the surface.”

  • "Phragmites and Spartina on a site before restoration.”

  • “Using aerial photography to understand the current agricultural impacts.”

  • “This tide gate will need to be removed to restore proper function to the site.”



Wetland Restoration Fauquier County

  • “If not controlled, Beavers can do considerable damage to even the largest trees.”


Stream Restoration Northern Virginia

  • “Marking a stream channel with a portable GPS unit.”

Mitigation Banking in New Jersey


Mitigation Banking in Virginia



Additional Projects:

Wetland Mitigation Design and Permitting

Wetland Mitigation Site Selection and Assessment

Stream Restoration and Banking

Regional Restoration Plans

Habitat Management Plans


Watershed / Riparian Restoration




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