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Evergreen was formed in 2006 by partners each with more than 20 years of experience working for the top environmental engineering firms in the region. The following projects were conducted by principals of Evergreen prior to joining Evergreen.


Prison Construction Wetland Delineation, RBA Group, Statewide, Pennsylvania.  Conducted a wetland investigation of 15 existing prison properties to be enlarged throughout Pennsylvania to comply with NEPA regulations.  Visited each site and delineated the limits of wetlands according to the 1987 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Manual.  Classified all wetlands according to the Cowardin classification system considering the soils, vegetation, and hydrology of each site.


Wetlands Construction/Mitigation Banking Design/Build, Marsh Resources, Inc., NJ.  Handled the Phase I design/build of a 120-acre tidal wetland mitigation bank in the Meadowlands located in Bergen County, New Jersey.  A perimeter dike was built to prevent water from entering the site, which allowed excavation of the marsh plain under dry conditions.  Site elevations were lowered from one to five feet, 10,500 feet of tidal channels were created throughout the site, and approximately 83,000 cubic yards of material were excavated.  Weekly site visits were made to document project construction according to plans and specifications.


Washington Post Facility Wetland Mitigation.  Completed a wetlands delineation and obtained authorization to relocate a small on-site stream.  Established design criteria and developed conceptual alternatives using Rosgen Classification System and bioengineering techniques for the new stream channel design.  Developed and incorporated wetland vegetation planting plan into the project plans.  Provided construction and inspection monitoring during the channel construction phase of the project and during the planting phase. Obtained required permits.


Wetland Delineation and Permitting for Atholton Park, Howard County, MD.  Identified and delineated the wetlands within a section of the park where site improvements were proposed.  Prepared a Section 404 application for the removal of an instream culvert, restoration of the streambed, and installation of a bridge over its wetlands.  Tracked the permit application and received all necessary wetland permits.


Open-End Wetland Delineation Services, Park Authority, Fairfax County, VA.  Under an open-end, task order contract, performed wetland delineation services.  The first task involved completion of a wetland study for Richard W. Jones Park, a 245-acre site.  Three distinct wetland sites were delineated, and recommendations were made that, if future plans for development come close to the areas, these areas should be flagged and surveyed.


Statewide Delineation of Freshwater Wetlands, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.  Provided field and technical support on this project to map all of the freshwater wetlands in New Jersey.  Assisted in developing a computerized data entry system for recording field data for use by State agencies.


Enterprise Shopping Center, Prince George’s County, MD.  Conducted an environmental inventory of the site and used the resulting information to complete an EA and EIS for the project.  Also developed the final mitigation plan to offset wetland losses.  Coordinated with all agencies to secure the necessary permits to allow development of the site.  Provided site supervision of all subcontractors involved in grading and planting the mitigation area.  Conducted field work to measure the success of the mitigation and prepared monitoring reports.


Patuxent River Watershed Mitigation Site Selection, Howard County, MD.  Participated in the evaluation of over 130 sites in the Patuxent River Watershed, including over 40 sites in Howard County, for their suitability as wetland mitigation sites.  Included an analysis of wetland and upland vegetation characteristics, soils, depth to water table, percent slope, hydrologic conditions, and land use characteristics.


Swan Point Wetland Delineation, Baltimore Gas & Electric Company, Issue, MD.  Identified and delineated tidal and nontidal wetlands using both the 1987 and 1989 delineation manuals.  Performed agency field reviews necessary to receive approval of the delineations.  Conducted habitat studies associated with the wetland permit/certification process.  Prepared permit applications and processed the permits through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and state agencies.  Designed and provided full time on-site coordination during the construction of a one-acre tidal wetlands mitigation site.  Conducted field work to measure the success of the created wetlands for three years.  The wetlands received final signoff from all required regulatory agencies.


Tinkers Creek, Prince George’s County, MD.  Identified and delineated all wetlands within the proposed limits of disturbance for the construction of two regional storm water management facilities.  Coordinated the agency field view of the wetland boundaries and received approval of the boundaries.  Submitted a Section 404 permit application to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and tracked the application to facilitate a timely issuance of the Section 404 and Section 401 certification.  Installed groundwater monitoring wells within the proposed mitigation site to gather data which was used in the development of final design drawing for more than three acres of forested wetlands within the floodplain of Tinkers Creek.  Submitted and received approval of the mitigation plans from the Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission and the Maryland Department of the Environment.


Wetland Identification for Richard Jones Park, Fairfax County Park Authority, Fairfax County, VA.  Conducted wetlands identification and delineation of Richard Jones Park.  Prepared a technical report describing the wetlands and delineation methodology.  Prepared wetland impact assessment and coordinated results with park planning staff.


Earth Observing System Data Information Storage Building, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD.  Storm water management design and wetlands evaluation and permitting for a $40 million facility, housing sophisticated computer areas, workstations, offices, conference areas, and mechanical/electrical services.  Conducted a wetlands investigation to flag the wetlands boundaries.


Cultural and Natural Resources Inventory Study, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resource, Scenic Rivers Division.  During this four-month internship, conducted a cultural and natural resources inventory study of the Pine Creek in Tioga County to support its inclusion in the Pennsylvania Scenic Rivers Program.  Also met with local groups to explain the Scenic Rivers Program and to foster support for the inclusion of the river.


Relocation of Station New Orleans, U.S. Coast Guard.  Completed a wetland investigation of the project site in accordance with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Wetland Delineation Manual.  Applied for and lead a jurisdictional Determination field meeting with the USACE to confirm the limit of jurisdictional wetlands.  Reviewed the USACE project files related to the history of Section 404/401 permitting on this parcel.  Met with USACE regulators to discuss this proposed project and to garner their support for the project.


Integrated Support Command, U.S. Coast Guard, Portsmouth, VA.  Completed a wetland investigation of the project site in accordance with the Corps of Engineers Wetland Delineation Manual.  This investigation determined that no wetlands were present within the project site.  Reviewed the requirements of the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act to determine what classification the project falls within, and therefore what reductions in non-point source pollution would be required.


Kentlands, Montgomery County, MD.  Completed wetland delineations, impact assessments, agency coordination, and Section 404 and 401 permitting.  Through negotiations with the resource agencies, arranged to have the wetland mitigation requirements converted from creation to riparian buffer establishment, which resulted in considerable cost savings to the client.  Contributed to the development of the Lake Helene storm water management retrofit plan.


Augustine North, Stafford County, VA.  Developed final planting plans and specifications for two large irrigation ponds and for a five-acre forested mitigation site in this residential golf course community.  The landscape plans for the irrigation ponds were designed to be an integral aesthetic component of the golf course.